Thursday, January 05, 2006

We had a great New Y

We had a great New Years eve and day with Bryan and Deena. They have really done a great job on their house. We are thinking of buying the one next door to them and fixing it up. We sat outside in the fabulous weather and drank and talked and occasionally Bryan would send up a Roman candle. All the neighbors were showing their feisty nature and determination to recoup Slidell by sending off showers of great, loud fireworks. We enjoyed the show and contributed with our “pow”, “pow”! Ha! We ate quail and hen gumbo, then on New Year’s day we had cabbage, beef and pork roast that Bryan had stuffed with onions and garlic. Deena made cornbread on the grill and a great dirty rice with eggplant in it. From now on, we’ll put eggplant in ours!

Gina came over with her boyfriend, Gordon and cousin April and her boyfriend. Davy and his wife and children were there. We had a great family day! Michael and I looked at the house next door to consider buying it and fixing it up and being neighbors to Bryan and Deena. It was a beautiful start to a new 2006! We drove home to Fairhope and had a nice meal the next day with our children.

Above is the mural that Bud Torres painted for Pop’s pool hall. I have the other half.

Bryan and Deena in their new post-Katrina kitchen.

Gina and Gordon. 2006

The picture above shows the gorgeous slate floor that Bryan and Deena put laid themselves.

This is our house (dining room) set for our Christmas dinner 2006.

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