Friday, December 16, 2005

Thanksgiving Recap

We had a nice, if over fed, Thanksgiving at Mama and Daddy's house in Mobile. Lots of food and friends. Bryan and Deena opted to stay in Slidell and work on their home. Me, Michael, Alyssia, Jonathan and Noah all atteneded the festivities. I'll post some pics soon. I have just finished my last exam for this semester. Only three classes left and then I'll have my Master's in Library Science.!! Yeah!! Happy Thanksgiving and all that. By the way, the original Thanksgiving held by the Acadians with the Micmac Indians in Nova Scotia was quite different from the prudish one being held by the Puritans in the colonies. The Acadians and Micmacs had huge feasts with lots of dancing and storytelling and drinking (kinda like the way we do it now!) and everyone had a good time. I'm sure that along the way, they remembered to say thank you. Mostly, it was too cold to go outside and so they entertained themselves the best way they could think of, by dancing, eating and drinking. Some things never change. :)