Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Happy Thanksgiving!

O.K. so, no cynicism this year during the holidays. I won't make a new year resolution because I probably can't stop being cynical for more than a day or so at a time. Anyway.... we'll be going to Mama and Daddy's house in Mobile. Mama called to say they will fry two turkeys, Keith will cook a pork roast or something huge and meaty; The Millers will come over (must remember to bring Cheyenne a really good book and something for Dakota, too); Big Bryan and Fran will also be there. Bryan is good at keeping the fire going at night when it gets cold and we still want to sit outside. I need to bring a turkey this weekend (Iron Bowl) so they can start frying it before we get there Turkey Day. It should be fun. I wish Bryan and Deena would be there, but they will probably go to Fordoche to see Deena's family. They are working on their house in Slidell getting it repaired after Hurricane Katrina. So far, they are still living in the camper, but the cat, Munchkin, has moved back into the house. Smart cat. I nearly inherited him. All of our children will be there. Noah isn't working; Alyssia is out of college for the holidays; Jonathan is moving back in anticipation of being admitted to Ozark-Enterprise Aviation Technical college in Mobile. Two year program, then he's out! Enough for now. Run turkey run!

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